Frequently Asked Questions Aqua Sports Reopening Guidelines

o What is the current open status of our swim school?

  • With approval from San Mateo County Health authority, we resumed swim lessons the week of June 22nd
  • Students who are safe to swim under the distancing guidelines have been invited to resume swim lessons
  • On December 8th we were notified by our SMC Health Services department that learn to swim businesses are deemed essential by the California Department of Public Health

o What are the current safety requirements for learn to swim businesses operating from indoor pools?

  • Distance guidelines are still in effect and impact the number of students and instructors in the pool at one time. 50% or less (two instructors and four students)
  • Instructors must wear face shields while in the pool
  • Students are not required to wear face coverings during lesson time
  • Visitors on deck must wear face coverings and follow distancing guidelines

o Will the pool water be safe for swimmers?

  • Yes, we follow all safety guidelines for indoor pools from San Mateo County Health Services
  • Protective bacterial and virous fighting protocols are in place throughout the facility, and exceed guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Our pool water remains as safe as always. We will continue diligent monitoring throughout each day – which exceed our health department requirements.
  • Additional safety protocols are posted at our pool facility
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