Frequently Asked Questions Aqua Sports Reopening Guidelines

  • When do you anticipate reopening, and how will we be notified?
    • San Mateo County Health Authority has approved swim schools for reopening
    • June 15th is our target date to resume swim lessons
  • Will we have the same lesson day and time as it was before the March 17th closure?
    • Based on the Pool Safety Guidelines received from San Mateo County Health Services, we are required to limit the number of students and instructors in the pool at one time.
    • We will do our best to follow all existing schedules.
    • However, changes will be required for semi-private
      lessons with students from different households.
  • Is the office open for calls and emails – yes, Monday through Friday, 9:00 to 4:00
  • Will the pool and facility be safe for swimmers and families when swim lessons are back in session?
    • Yes, we must follow safety guidelines from San Mateo County Health Services to resume operations.
    • Protective bacterial and virous fighting protocols are in place throughout the facility.
    • Our pool water remains as safe as always. We will continue diligent monitoring throughout each day – which meets and exceed the health department requirements.
    • Additional safety protocols are posted at our pool facility.
    • Copper fixtures have been installed for added bacteria-fighting measures.

Please see the article below to learn about more about Copper:

The germ-fighting effects of Copper, a forgotten element in some environments.
Aqua Sports has used copper in our pool filter cartridges for many years!

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