Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We add a third-party credit card processing fee to invoice amount.

Partnering questions for Semi-Private lessons:

  • Can my 5-year-old and 2 year take a SEMI-PRIVATE lesson together? We would not recommend children with different swim abilities or ages to swim in a SEMI-PRIVATE lesson. Children of various ages, communicate and learn in different ways.  A 25-minute SEMI PRIVATE lesson would be very challenging for two students with a large disparity in age and swim ability.
  • My child has a friend (or sibling) who has also never had lessons and/or they are both scared of water. Can they take a SEMI-PRIVATE lessons together? Children who have not had lessons previously, or who are scared, would be safer starting out with PRIVATE Lessons.  If the children do sign up for lessons together, the instructor may choose to have the children swim separately, for half of the lesson time, until they can both be comfortable and safe in the water.

What if my child cries?
Crying is very common for the first few lessons, especially with young or fearful children.  Our instructors are experienced with new swimmers and offer patience along with positive reinforcement.

Do you teach children with disabilities?
Our team is not specifically trained, nor do we specialize in swim instruction for children with disabilities. At the discretion of an experienced instructor, with input and feedback from the parent(s) (or guardians), we are more than willing to work with special needs students.

Do you offer group lessons?
No. We offer PRIVATE (1:1 student/teacher ratio) and SEMI-PRIVATE (2:1 student/teacher ratio)

Do you offer Parent and Me lessons for infants?
No, we do not.

Can or should I get into the water with my child?
We do not recommend getting into the water during your child’s lesson with us.  Our instructors are well versed in calming children and working through fears.  The instructor may suggest you wait outside the pool area during the lesson in order to maintain attention, and foster trust between student and instructor.

Do you offer lessons to adults?
Yes, absolutely.

When is payment due?
Payment is due every four weeks, using the start date of the first swim lesson to initiate the recurring payment cycle. The full payment amount remains due regardless of attendance.

Pool Facility Details

Our indoor pool is 33’ by 18’